Reaped on itself..!

Ammar Mohammed – Social Media Expert


No doubt that who is treating with the New Media will realize the Importance of awareness sites used by technology. The spread of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others New Media websites that estimated more than 1600 social websites. Has made the users interact with their community/ environment from bright land and the west. The continent creation has become the essential/ fundamental factor to add importance for a content presented. Even though, the doubting of the true/right for a lot of the continents because they are not based on resource.

The previous paragraph was a model/form that our Arab world leaved from modern/development the users and their interacting with the New Media. At the time that everyone doubting about his or her abilities, or who does not trust in the all continent presented, and considered this websites newness as destruction/breakdown to the old Media.

The new problem that face New Media, is the misunderstanding between the institutions with the audience in the direct communication. Thus, we have to fiend alternatives and solutions for it. Somebody has passing/ involving in to training courses and they are few, and the others have got in risk by opening an account for the institution’s name based on the simple or personal employs experiences with their friends. And here is the problem; the communication for New Media between the institutions and the audience is totally different on the personal communication. The word and response are counted on an institution as formal response. Also the links, method safety, and the links accuracy. Moreover, understanding the timing of communications, and their relevance to the public.

If we underscored a little on a government and privet institution at our society. We will fiend that the abilities has varies from institution to the other. At the time the institutions lunshe their accounts , and interact with the audience. We see the other institutions have collected their audience and improved mental image of their employees and to the public at the same time.

We are at the stage of defiance among the public who realizes sites, technologies and between institutions is still taking its first steps in the new media. And among others won deserved awards won for the understanding of the audience and their needs and meet them, and we all hope to achieve activating new media institutions to understand tools. Before we saying reaped on its self..!

That Article was published in Al-Sahrq Newspaper 6/11/2012

Translated by : eman AL-Deghaither


Ammar Mohammed

عمار محمد ، مستشار ومدرب بالتسويق الرقمي ، يعتبر الإعلام هوايته،تخصصه وعمله ، مترجم بموقع تويتر ومن أوائل المبادرين في تأسيس مبادرة تغريدات #socialmedia Expert / Speaker / writer / Consultant / Trainer / #twitter translator

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