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[Infographic] How True Blood Grew its Global Fang Base

Socialbakers  tale a look at the hit series to see just how well the sixth season performed ovsocial.  Take a look at what we found!
socialbakers monitored the each official True Blood page across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube throughout the sixth season to see how much buzz the series generated with fans.  Twitter grew its follower base by 9%, adding 55 108 new followers, with YouTube adding 24 233 new subscribers.  Facebook earned a whooping 125 403 to its already 11 155 675 fan count, equaling a total of 11 284 377 fans!
During this season, the total time viewed for all videos on True Blood’s official YouTube Channel was 13 years and 179 days. The channel also uploaded 59 videos to its repertoire.
Seeing how much interest this series generated throughout its last season shows how important it is for TV to pay close attention to its social media strategies. 

[Infographic] How True Blood Grew its Global Fang Base
[Infographic] How True Blood Grew its Global Fang Base



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