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The world is getting smaller and it is easy to explore politics, news and youth affairs in the Middle East at the popular blogging site of “https://ammartalk.com”. Social media has made it so data, information and news is shared at the “speed of light.” Online multimedia is being used to bridge cultures to make a better world.

At the Center of the World

The Middle East has a rich culture that spans millennia and straddles Europe, Asia and Africa. The world shares ideas, words and technology with each nation influencing the development of other nations. Social networking media in the Arabian Gulf offers a direct way for people to communicate with others around the world. 

The statistics for the most popular social Web sites are simply staggering. There are an estimated 1 billion Facebook users with nearly 95% checking their pages every day. YouTube reaches more people than the largest cable television station. There are an estimated 140 million tweets sent each day.

Arab Youth Know Social Media Technology

In many countries, the children learn how to use technology and the Internet before their parents. The same is true for Arab youth who are flocking to Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. Many of these young people are creating important networking organizations that can revolutionize how the world is run tomorrow. 

The most successful businesses understand the immense potential of social multimedia formats for marketing their products and services. Many of the people online are tech-savvy with an understanding of what they can do. Add the mobile users and there is a vast population operating in a higher dimension. 

No longer measured in terms of local cities, the global market place offers key challenges to businesses selling their products and services. How can one company operate in another environment with vastly different norms? Social bloggers help consumers and companies to bridge this cultural difference in order to create a thriving global village.

Ammar Talk Blog Site is Cutting-Edge

For politics, economics, youth affairs and other important news, the Ammar Talk Blog site is an example of the “New Media” connecting the entire world together. In an instant, a rally, concert or protest can be shared across the world due to the speed of the Internet. People are no longer restricted by physical borders that prevent us from sharing with our brothers and sisters around the world. 

With a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications from Qatar University, Ammar was a founding member of the influential “Al Jazeera Talk” and is an expert on the Middle East. His site, “www.ammartalk.com”, is one of the leading blogging destinations in Qatar. He helps bring different technology and cultures together as one. 

Dialogue is an essential requirement for civilizations to cooperate in developing a better world. Talk Blogs give Arab youth a way to express their ideas, hopes and needs to world leaders and influential decision-makers. The next generation uses social media and blog sites to create the vision for tomorrow.


Ammar Mohammed

عمار محمد ، مستشار ومدرب بالتسويق الرقمي ، يعتبر الإعلام هوايته،تخصصه وعمله ، مترجم بموقع تويتر ومن أوائل المبادرين في تأسيس مبادرة تغريدات #socialmedia Expert / Speaker / writer / Consultant / Trainer / #twitter translator

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