Discover How To Use Social Media To Maximize Your Voice

by: Ammar Mohammed – social media expert and trainer 

Social media marketing (SMM) can help you to maximize your voice. However, it will only help you to do this if you have a clear message that you want to get across to people. Otherwise, if it is done without a well-thought out strategy, it can be a complete waste of time. 

Here are 5 ideas that will help you develop a winning strategy:

1. Share Your Links

Offline, you can do this by publishing your SMM links on your business cards, brochures, and flyers. Online, you can do this by adding your links to the bottom of your emails and at the bottom of your blog posts.

2. Automate With Software

SMM can be made much easier by leveraging the power of software. For instance, your email provider will give you the option to add a signature file, your blog software will allow you to use SMM plugins, and there are a host of third-party software like Hootsuite or Leenkme that will allow you to broadcast your messages so that you don’t have to visit each website to post.

3. Be Careful How You Word Your Messages

Be friendly, approachable, or humble. Even if you have larger-than-life achievements, you should never come across as arrogant and never boast about your accomplishments. Your power in the real world will not reflect well in social media. Even leading politicians and world business leaders who often stir media attention because of their tendency toward controversial statements and self-promotion usually have friendly, approachable, and humble posts.


4. Practice Reciprocity

Although you may want to focus exclusively on maximizing your message, people will respond to you if you respond to them. So comment on YouTube videos and blog posts, do shares and likes on Facebook, and do retweets on Twitter.

5. Be Selective

SMM is a little like life. Just as in life, you have to rub shoulders with people that are contrary to your values; they will show up on your SMM, too. If they are completely negative, then you can unfriend them; if they are merely annoying, then simply focus on posts where people share your values. While you may think it is a good idea to be friendly with everyone, it is not realistic. Moreover, your followers will quickly lose faith in you if they think you actually agree with your rivals or support the competition. It is not advisable to befriend negative people who will use everything you say against you.

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If you are in the Middle East or do business with companies in the Middle East, you can pick up a lot of excellent SMM tips on how to maximize your voice from www.ammartalk.com. Ammar is one of the leading bloggers in Qatar and his blog is one of the most popular in his country. He founded Al Jazeera Talk as a platform to help people talk about issues close to their heart like politics, world news, and Arab youth affairs.


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